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An emerging digital audience: First-time telehealth adopters

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Two out of three people now say they’ve used telehealth at least once. If patients continue with telehealth over office visits, will it be because they don’t feel comfortable visiting in-person or because they actually prefer the virtual experience?

Our latest study reveals what first-time telehealth adopters can tell us about the virtual future of healthcare. This report provides an overview of first-time telehealth adopters, including their overall preferences and behaviors, to help you prepare for what’s next in healthcare.

Comfort with in-person visitation doesn’t appear to have a strong impact on interest in telehealth.

Patients reporting that prior to COVID-19 saw a doctor for management of an ongoing condition were +20% more likely to have increased telehealth usage.

First-Time Telehealth Adopters skew towards an audience that is older, more suburban or rural, and middle-lower income.

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