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Hero Digital has teamed up with commercetools to deliver B2B composable commerce solutions.

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Increase the velocity of your business’s growth with composable commerce.

Add agility and flexibility to your digital experience technology stack

B2B decision-makers face a daunting set of commerce challenges: existing sales platforms are fragmented, customizations take too long to implement, and customers are demanding more personalized, Amazon-level experiences. 

With a suite of flexible solutions from Hero Digital and CommerceTools, your B2B business can accelerate the pace of its digital transformation by letting you do more with your technology stack.

Respond faster to market and consumer demands

What if your business needs to update its inventory management software to offer real-time, dynamic pricing? And what if you want to make that upgrade without overhauling your entire commerce platform? With traditional, all-in-one commerce solutions, that level of flexibility just isn’t possible.

With composable commerce, you have the freedom to customize the digital services your business needs, when it needs them.

Why is composable commerce the right solution for your business?

It’s scaleable

Because composable architecture offers a more modular approach to commerce, you’ll be ready to more quickly and nimbly respond to growth and increased traffic without being constrained by a traditional monolithic platform.

It’s flexible

You can easily add, modify, or even remove modules without disrupting the rest of the platform. So as your customers’ needs evolve, your architecture can quickly and efficiently evolve along with them.

It lowers operating costs

A fine-tuned, customized commerce stack empowers marketing teams to more efficiently deliver personalized campaigns and content. Plus, as innovations roll out over time, you can simply plug them into your custom commerce stack instead of overhauling your entire platform (again).

Get your customized commerce experience
up and running in 10 weeks

Excelerate Commerce Starter

We’ll partner you with the most trusted providers of e-commerce hosting, CMS, product search, and payment and tax processing. Import up to 50,000 customers and 100,000 products, and easily integrate your existing Google or Adobe analytics. 


Excelerate Commerce Mid-Journey

For more digitally mature B2B companies, get everything in the standard package, with even more scope and features. Import up to 200,000 customers and 200,000 products, plus get a customized reporting dashboard, increased sales functionality for quoting, and pricing transparency by company and division.

Get the combined power of two industry leaders

About Hero Digital

We believe the future belongs to the businesses that harness technology to serve human needs. That means leveraging data to better understand what those needs actually are—and how to more efficiently fulfill them. It means utilizing AI and machine learning to create more seamless, more personalized, and more secure experiences. It means building an entire ecosystem of tools, platforms, and partners around what your customers care about most.

About commercetools

Buying options and consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Enterprises and growing brands across the globe require technology that help them maintain a competitive advantage, and develop new business models as necessary to effectively compete in today’s rapidly evolving commerce market. 

Embrace a future that enables limitless commerce possibilities.

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