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Reimagining the future of agriculture

Agriculture may be one of the oldest industries, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Technology is rapidly changing agriculture, and Wilbur-Ellis recognized early that it needed to embrace the digitization of the industry in order to stay ahead of its competitors.

A modern approach for a deep-rooted industry

Unlocking new tech value

New methods of applying products to crops, more powerful decision-making tools backed by data, and the changing demographics of growers required new ways of thinking about tools and processes in the ag business. To keep our client ahead of continuous change, we embarked on a redesign of their AgVerdict software product – used daily by employees, customers, and contract vendors, and an important driver of sales and value-added products and services.

Designing for differences

Despite vast differences in crops, weather, geography, and internal processes, our research distilled a common workflow across Wilbur-Ellis field offices. This provided the basis for a reimagined product specifically designed to support that workflow.

Thinking like an agronomist

Rich, location-based interactions more closely align with how agronomists think and organize their workday, making the product easier to use and more intuitive. And, because the agronomists’ offices are their trucks, we knew the product needed to work in the same highly mobile way its users do.


With AgVerdict, agronomists can combine their knowledge with field-specific data to make more strategic decisions that maximize their customers’ return on investment.

Hero helped us design an efficient, elegant software platform.
Dave Uberuaga, Product Manager

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