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U.S. Bank

Co-creating the Business Leverage Card

Business owners are skeptical of big banks. That's why we worked hand-in-hand with them to create a new kind of credit card.

We identified business owners—from large and small companies, from different markets, in industries with high monthly spends—and brought them together in a series of co-creation sessions, where they worked with us to define their ideal credit card.


By business owners. For business owners.

But these co-creation sessions didn’t just fuel the creation of the credit card. They became the centerpiece of a multi-channel launch campaign, generating significant interest and demonstrating our commitment to understanding and serving the true needs of business owners, with products they truly need and want.

Generating buzz.

Prior to the full card launch, we created teaser posters and social videos to create a sense of excitement about the upcoming credit card. This pre-launch campaign generated significant interest among industry watchers, influencers, and the target business owner audience.


Extending the campaign.

As soon as the buzz of the initial launch started to fade, we shifted gears into a more traditional campaign—going back to the original business owners who helped us create the Leverage card. We created more content that featured their businesses and prominently featured all the ways they were putting the card to use into a sustaining acquisition approach.

Demonstrating the power of the card.

In addition to videos, we created a variety of snackable content (like infographics) to share through a range of owned and paid properties, including a robust social media push. This content was purposely designed to show the potential of the Leverage card, with real numbers from real business owners.

Powerful results, over and above expectations.

Not only was campaign performance 120% above a very aggressive goal, the customer quality was through the roof—with average transaction values far above industry norms. All of which made the Leverage card one of U.S. Bank’s most successful credit card launches in their history.

Truth is the customer reality.
Beauty is in the brand response.