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An experience you can feel

To truly tell the story of Technicolor’s brand, products, and solutions, the site experience had to be more than just what visitors see and read – it had to be something they could feel.

Bringing the vibrancy of the brand to life

Information architecture

Technicolor has multiple products and audiences. To create a clear information architecture, we developed an action-word navigation system that nests products and services according to how Technicolor actually engages with customers – using the flow “Dream, Create, Distribute, Experience.”

Visual content

To bring the vibrancy of the brand to life, we focused on using rich visual content. The homepage includes an interaction feature that offers perspective changes, 3D zoom, and animation, collectively creating an immersive experience—exactly what you’d expect from a dynamic, innovative brand like Technicolor.

Tech Platform


To help Technicolor’s internal product and marketing teams bring the immersive imagery to life, we gave them the ability to easily configure custom animation sequences that included movement and 3D images. We also made it effortless to author new pages and create custom content for new product launches and other initiatives.

GreenSock Animation Platform

We integrated GreenSock to make animation workflow fast, easy, and seamless across browsers and devices.


By infusing the Technicolor site with vibrancy and dynamism, visitors could delight in the marvels of Technicolor’s offerings – straight from the people who do it best.

Truth is the customer reality.
Beauty is in the brand response.