Improving B2B customer
experience for Synopsys

The Work

Synopsys, a leading silicon technology company, was moving into new products and new markets (Enterprise IT and Financial Services). It had acquired new businesses that needed to be integrated, and wanted to update its brand and future-proof its platform to cement its position as a market leader across industries.

  • Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Photography
  • Development (Adobe AEM)
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Search & Promote
  • Ongoing consulting

The Impact

  • 40x more efficient
  • 2 hours vs. 2 weeks for content updates
  • 10x faster load times
  • Improved personalized search


The Details

Synopsys is a leading provider of advanced tools for silicon chip design, verification, IP integration and application security testing. When it came to Hero the company was ready to replace its website–outdated in both its look and functionality–with a digital presence that would tell more of a Silicon Valley story and reflect its position as a leading, $2.5 billion company.

Beyond that vision, the company had some immediate practical needs as well. It needed to empower its marketers with world-class digital marketing technology, including personalization and tools to would help marketers proactively manage conversations with B2B customers and prospects. It needed to provide self-service for five business units spanning the globe. It needed to reduce the time required to make updates to its site from weeks to hours. And it needed to improve the overall customer experience on its site with fresh, “snackable” content that could be easily managed by a modern technology platform.

After selecting Adobe Experience Manager from a list of 75 potential platforms, Synopsys needed an implementation partner staffed with Adobe experts who could handle their complex integration needs and get their site up and running quickly. They chose Hero Digital because of our proven track record with large, complex Adobe projects, our focus on training and knowledge transfer with clients, and our ability to work across multiple aspects of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

We worked efficiently with the Synopsys team, getting the website up and running in just four months. Before the full site launch, in December 2016, the Hero team built and launched a Synopsys microsite, which enabled the team to test the new Adobe platform and templates, and find and fix any potential issues before the full site launch.

The result is a new website that exceeds Synopsys’ expectations. It not only tells a compelling story for customers, but also has dramatically increased productivity for the web and digital marketing teams.