Stream: Increasing Sales
with Great CX

The Work

Stream needed to maintain separate back-end systems for different products, while presenting customers with a streamlined sales experience. They also wanted to track visitors and measure engagement, personalize aspects of the site, and improve the company’s outreach to customers.

  • CX Strategy
  • User research
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Web Development (Sitecore)
  • Mobile Design & Development
  • Integration (Sitecore EXM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud)
  • Ongoing consulting

The Impact

  • 95% reduction in identity verification calls
  • Reduced customer service calls
  • New revenue stream in record time

The Details

Stream is the largest direct marketer of energy services in the United States, and it operates primarily in Texas, Georgia, and the Northeast. Although extremely successful in its core markets, Stream wanted to expand both its geographic presence and its product offering. The company was aiming to go to market with new services that could be sold through its existing channels, including mobile service and personal insurance plans like credit monitoring and identity theft protection. Moving quickly to add new products and reach new markets, Stream had spread its digital presence across multiple platforms and sites, including a marketing site on WordPress, plus three different customer enrollment sites and an equal number of customer service portals. There was no way to personalize the site and the customer experience was disjointed. Moreover, the company was missing out on key opportunities to up-sell existing customers. A customer who wanted to purchase multiple products had to bounce around to several sites.

We designed a visual system that incorporated Stream’s marketing site, enrollment funnel, and customer portal in a unified system. This included knowing where they came from using geolocation, what they had been looking at, and what services the customer currently had, and then personalizing aspects of the site using the Sitecore Experience Platform. The new system was designed to work responsively on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Users could shop amongst the services, sign up in one flow, and seamlessly be taken to Stream’s customer portal. Now customers can view billing, payments, usage, and account data for all of their services in a single unified dashboard.