Reimagining the digital
CX for Nerium International

The Work

As Nerium International repositioned its brand and elevated its skincare and wellness offerings to better connect with its customers and create a connected eCommerce experience, it looked to Hero Digital to lead from strategy through execution. Product information needed to be more approachable, users needed a simpler experience to help achieve their goals, and Nerium’s marketing team required an effective CMS installation to manage and distribute the organization’s personalized, multi-audience and multi-region content throughout the buyer journey.

  • CMS Selection
  • Experience Design
  • Development
  • UX
  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Sitecore
  • Adobe Analytics

The Impact

  • 30% increase in conversions
  • 10% reduction in bounce rate
  • Decrease in time to launch a new site – from months to weeks
  • Winner Interactive Media Award

The Details

Nerium International came to Hero Digital with a daunting challenge: Design and build a website to improve customer experience across diverse audiences and build a better tool to not only improve sales, but also allow Nerium’s marketing teams to quickly build and launch products in new markets. Hero’s comprehensive service offering, as well as our practitioner-led teams, made us the perfect fit to deliver a seamless project on an aggressive schedule.

Our initial research and discovery helped evolve Nerium’s messaging away from cold science and toward an approachable, customer-friendly skincare and wellness narrative. Detailed user personas and distinct user journeys laid the foundation for engaging user experience and impactful visual design.

But even with focused new messaging, and clear customer journeys, Nerium’s technical challenges remained. The company’s site architecture was fragmented across eight different markets, each running different versions of Sitecore. The time and financial costs of launching a new region were extremely high. To overcome this, we rebuilt the front and back ends of the sites on the latest version of Sitecore, unifying the eCommerce across regions with custom integrations and precise localization. Sitecore’s native personalization features helped us deliver focused content to users across regions and languages, and custom content to Nerium’s large network of direct-sales partners. We were able to architect the site to allow Nerium’s definitive product catalog to sit in Sitecore, and built bi-directional APIs to allow access to this throughout the buyers’ journey, creating a seamless eCommerce experience.

Our work allowed the marketing team to launch and manage content quickly in new markets. And in-region teams can now translate their sites within Sitecore itself and without development support — transforming a previously months-long launch process into a lean and efficient effort of weeks, and in some cases days.

The result was a beautiful, rich eCommerce experience that not only wows, but delivers on Nerium International’s brand promise to educate and engage. And the site’s elegant aesthetic now sits atop a powerful, focused content engine that helps the Nerium team deliver value, at speed, to its audiences around the world.