Looker: A great product
in just three months

The Work

Looker’s launch product was a huge hit with SQL experts who loved it, but the marketing department couldn’t pull their own reports. The company needed to update its product to address this key user need and reach a broader customer base.

  • User research
  • UX
  • Product Design
  • Visual Design

The Impact

  • 3 months total product overhaul
  • Raves from big clients like Asana
  • Reduced customer support needs

The Details

Looker’s launch product was a super-powerful tool that enabled users to analyze the disparate data streams driving various business metrics. It just had one problem: SQL experts loved it, but the marketing department still couldn’t pull their own reports. Even amongst its fans, Looker had a few usability issues; analysts had to export data to another tool to run data visualization reports, for example.

The company’s co-founder and VP of engineering brought Hero Digital in to address three key goals: fix usability issues to support existing users and expand their use of the product; add new features like data visualization and data organization to increase the Looker’s user base to include less-technical users and those at the manager, director, or executive level; and upgrade the visual design of the product to make it look like the world-class technology it is and help sell it to executives and other purchasing decision-makers.

We started with extensive interviews with both existing and aspirational users about what they did and didn’t like about Looker, where they tended to get stuck when interacting with the tool, and, if they weren’t using it, why not. Based on that research, we came up with solutions to various barriers to adoption and worked with Looker’s development team to design new features, and to update the visual design to feel intuitive and powerful, yet approachable for non-technical users. The result was a redesigned Looker, complete with new collaboration and visualization features that appeal to product owners, directors, and executives, as well as SQL analysts.