Lean In: Connecting 25,000
circles around the globe

The Work

As the popularity of Lean In Circles soared, so did the need for a standard set of resources, ranging from meeting schedules to marketing materials. Providing access to those resources across a globally dispersed network of thousands of Circles required a digital platform that could support both existing needs and future growth.

  • Digital Communities
  • User Research
  • UX
  • Visual Design

The Impact

  • 25,000 Lean In Circles
  • 128 countries
  • 80% of members see positive change

The Details

In conjunction with the release of the bestselling book Lean In, a non-profit by the same name was created to use profits from book sales in ways that would support the ideals and values it expressed. Since the launch of the organization in 2014, one of its major ongoing initiatives has been the Lean In Circles community, where small groups meet on a regular basis to learn and grow together, and network online to share resources and support each other.

As more circles joined the network, the need for a digital platform that could support their interactions and provide access to a standard set of support materials became evident. Hero worked with Lean In leadership and their implementation partner on several key portions of the Lean In Circles 2.0 release, including experience design for the Circle community, logos and marketing materials for Lean In Circles and Chapters.