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What We Did

The healthcare industry has not typically been known for great digital experiences. John Muir Health knew that—and was ready to change. Their goal was to vastly improve their website design and give patients the digital customer experience they actually want and need from a healthcare site. Hero Digital worked with them to design and develop a streamlined, personalized website experience that offers self-service tools to make managing health care not only easier, but actually pleasant.

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Our Impact


increase in appointments scheduled


in web engagement

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CX Strategy

So often, the best customer experiences are simply about helping people execute tasks as efficiently as possible. John Muir Health, a nationally recognized, not-for-profit healthcare organization east of San Francisco, came to Hero Digital because of its expertise in digital healthcare transformation to help realize this efficiency for its future and existing patients. JMH wanted us to help transform its digital channel from brochureware into a contextual, interactive experience where patients could quickly and easily manage their health care. Primarily, this meant galvanizing a clearer picture of who their existing and future patients were, and what challenges they faced when coming to the site. We developed clear patient user journeys that helped JMH understand the primary tasks they’d visited the website to complete — and then focused on making the pathways to completing those tasks easier to find and use.

User viewing John Muir iPhone interface with appointment schedule page
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Technology Platforms

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Technology Platforms

Along with building a new and mobile-friendly site design on Adobe Experience Manager, Hero Digital worked with John Muir Health’s eBusiness team to integrate smart features such as Urgent Care scheduling, helping patients schedule same-day appointments directly from the homepage with no need to navigate deeper into the site. A new doctor-scheduling feature is designed to be personalized, detecting location and the current time zone to display the nearest doctors with the soonest-available appointments. And, a reimagined utility navigation helps users quickly find relevant content and complete tasks such as finding a doctor or specialist, paying a bill, finding a job, and more.

The result is not only a new site but a completely transformed experience. John Muir Health has evolved from a staid and static content site to a unique digital experience in the healthcare space, targeted to the precise needs of patients in all stages of their individual health journeys.

John Muir Health iPhone interface with find a doctor page
John Muir Health iPhone interface with appointment scheduling page
John Muir Health iPhone interface with location finder page
Full desktop screenshot of John Muir Health website
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