Maintaining regional identity
amid a national re-brand

The Work

Easterseals Bay Area needed to maintain its regional role as a leading provider of healthcare services for children with disabilities while integrating its site into the re-launch of the national parent organization’s site. The organization also wanted to use the update as an opportunity to re-think its content strategy and ensure it was reaching the right audiences.


  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Copywriting

The Impact

  • 0 dead ends
  • 62% faster for users to get information they need
  • 1 navigation system that works for both patients and providers
  • 50% reduction in number of pages

The Details

For over 90 years, Easterseals Bay Area has provided services to people with disabilities and their families. Serving 24 counties across Northern California, the organization has focused its efforts in recent years on expanding access and affordability of behavioral health services for people with autism.

In 2016, the national Easterseals organization underwent a rebrand that included a redesign of its website. With a mandate to bring its site in line with the new national brand, Easterseals Bay Area came to Hero Digital for guidance on how to integrate its unique message and service offerings into the new national structure and design.

We conducted intensive stakeholder interviews to divide the site’s audience into key user personas; audited the existing site to determine what could stay, what could go, and what new content needed to be created; aligned content with personas; created any new content needed; and created a new site map to contain it all.

The result is a site that speaks directly to key audiences, contains no more dead ends, and helps Easterseals Bay Area do what it does best: connect families in need with providers and services that can help.