An Immersive Digital Experience
Built for Scale

The Work

Delaware North needed a scalable, impactful digital solution to improve its resort websites customer experience while empowering staff to launch new, brand-specific property sites at speed.

  • Visual Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting

The Impact

  • 11.3% increase in online bookings
  • Winner Communicator Award Website Award of Excellence
  • Enabled 10 properties to live within under a single CMS
  • Decreased time to launch new property websites

The Details

Delaware North is one of the largest hospitality management companies serving national and state parks, such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Niagara Falls. But with multiple different properties and corresponding websites, they struggled to adequately meet the unique needs of customers, and manage diverse web content efficiently. Compounding the challenge, all sites ran on dated content management platforms, which required significant effort to maintain and update. They approached Hero Digital with the challenge of improving the digital experience of individual park properties to better serve their customers while also modernizing and streamlining the management of websites and web content to ease the workload of internal teams. The new platform also needed to ease the process of launching new, brand-specific resort websites at speed.

To understand the unique character and experiences of Delaware North’s properties, the Hero Digital team visited select resort locations. We interviewed staff and visitors and used that research to inform a strategic approach to designing a scalable website architecture that supported a top-notch customer experience across all locations while maintaining each property’s unique brand. To that end, we designed modular design system that can use customer data for personalization to enable rich digital experiences for larger high-end resorts, a simplified version for their family-friendly affordable options, and options to support properties in between. The component-based design system offers a nearly endless variety of ways to present an engaging experience with panoramic photos, visual narratives, videos, personalized offers, and interactive features to excite visitors about their next vacation destination — with the assurance that all will live within the master brand guidelines

We built these diverse experiences on top of Sitecore’s component-based, content management system, with each website re-skinned to take on the look of the local resort. All sites now share the same component library, reducing development effort to design and launch additional sites. We also fitted each site with site-specific tools and functionality to give each property a personalized experience, such as “packages and special offers” and “event calendar” tools with robust filtering, and social media galleries.

Delaware North now has complete flexibility for updating, expanding, testing and managing content locally, while allowing the larger organization to govern and maintain a view of the customer across their various properties within a single CMS platform. They are also empowered with the ability for deeper personalization of customer experiences, customizing the repeat customer visit depending on interests and preferences.

Watch a CMS Connected interview with Maria Corrales of Delaware North and David Kilimnik of Hero Digital here.