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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The impact of “Identity”

When The Cosmopolitan came to us to turbocharge their membership and rewards program, Identity, we anchored around a powerful human truth:
No one wants to feel like a stranger.

Our strategy wasn’t simply about identifying guests’ likes and dislikes. It was about making them feel recognized, understood, and appreciated at every turn.

We brought personalization to a new level, creating compelling communications and offers based on each guest’s actual behavior – from pre-booking to post-visit – using the full power of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Personalized email for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Identity guest loyalty rewards program

Tech Platform

Adobe Campaign

Our campaign workflows and algorithms dynamically match guest metadata (based on actual behaviors) to asset metadata to create personalized emails and offers for each guest.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Templates and components required to enable dynamic communications at scale.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets

We consolidated thousands of assets from across locations within a taxonomy that includes CRM personalization tags—ensuring every piece of creative is not only relevant but also fresh (and not something that the guest has seen before).


The highly customized communications made Identity feel as it was intended – deeply personal. The result was a stronger connection to the brand, increased engagement, and increased conversion, all with significantly reduced operational costs.

Truth is the customer reality.
Beauty is in the brand response.