How Belkin streamlined
digital asset management

The Work

After rolling out a new global brand in 2015, Belkin needed a way to organize digital assets and impose consistent guidelines across 32 offices.

  • Adobe Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Adobe AEM
  • Taxonomy
  • Development
  • Documentation & Training

The Impact

  • 52,000 assets migrated & searchable
  • 32 offices across 3 global regions
  • 22 custom work flows
  • 6 unique project types

The Details

When Belkin International came to Hero Digital, the company had two needs: A digital asset management system to replace its existing solution, which hadn’t kept pace with the growth of the company’s asset library, and help identifying and operationalizing common workflows across various marketing projects.

Working with key stakeholders, we defined six common project types and 22 individual workflows across them. The team also developed a tagging taxonomy to ensure consistent naming of assets. We also helped implement an approval process across workflows to ensure all assets meet brand standards. The Hero team then customized and deployed an AEM Assets (Adobe Experience Manager Digital Asset Management) system for Belkin International.

Now it’s easier than ever for staff in all 32 offices to find any asset they need. And thanks to the handy “rendition” feature in the AEM DAM, if someone needs a web version of an image for their marketing campaign they can simply create it in the system rather than adding to a designer’s to-do list.