Evolving an Iconic Brand
into an Arbiter of Style

The Work

After 150 years in business, American Standard decided it was time for a big change. The company wanted to become design-led to better serve existing customers, expand beyond its bathroom fixture expertise, and evolve its iconic brand to reach a younger, style-focused customer as well as its industry professional audience.

  • Analytics
  • Platform Selection
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Customer Research and Insights
  • User Testing
  • Development
  • Data Migration
  • Digital Strategy
  • eCommerce
  • Personalization

The Impact

  • 60% increase in traffic from organic search
  • 7% decrease in bounce rate
  • Winner Sitecore Site of the Year Award

The Details

We partnered with American Standard to build a new site with a design-centered, personalized experience for multiple audiences, including direct sales to consumers and to industry professional. The site needed to communicate a sophisticated lifestyle focus and enable visitors to interact with products and information specifically geared towards their interest.

The company is a leader in engineering and design, but customers didn’t see it as an arbiter of taste and style. American Standard wanted to change that perception by repositioning themselves as a home lifestyle product company focused on complete bathrooms and kitchens. Their previous website served as a technical catalog, lacking a compelling customer experience and the modern aesthetics expected of design experts. After conducting strategy workshops to deeply understand business goals and users, we advised on brand strategy and then applied it to the new site. We opted to incorporate more lifestyle images with vibrant photography to help to change the perception of American Standard. Now, they offer the experience of a more design-focused home fixtures company, and expanded their brand’s reach.

Sitecore offered the ideal platform to streamline the management of different customer experiences and allowed us to personalize the website for different audiences. From homeowners, to plumbers, to architects, to wholesalers, explicit personalization and self-selection helped establish various professional role profiles and build componentized functionality into the site. In turn, this allowed a user to self-identify with a role either through interacting with the front-end or logging into their ‘My Standard’ account.

Additionally, we de designed a predictive global search with results organized by relevance and type to better meet specific audience needs. The full ecommerce catalog of product SKUs was also personalized to display different information and retail locations (online, showrooms, or big box stores) based on user personas. Homeowners are shown big visuals and “room ideas” with photography, including specs and installation instructions for designers, architects and installers.

Since relaunching the site focused on style and design, the customer experience has improved dramatically. Our efforts improved the experience for the task-driven users while extending the brand’s product offerings beyond the dependable toilet.