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Welcome to Prosper

A podcast on Truth & Beauty in business.

Hear conversations with leading advocates, disrupters, and innovators who are creating modern brand experiences that have a positive impact on people — and the businesses that serve them. Your host, digital industry veteren Kenneth Parks, shares his point of view on how people and business can thrive in a connected digital world. He speaks with leading brands about the virtues of great customer experience and which ones are doing it well.

Episode 2  |  July 31, 2020

How Wells Fargo turns disruption into an opportunity for reinvention

In this episode, we talk to Jamie Moldafsky, Chief Marketing Officer at Wells Fargo. Moldafsky sheds lights on the changes in customer preferences and needs since the start of the pandemic, and how the company has responded. Listen in to hear Moldafsky’s three pieces of advice for achieving customer experience success, even in the midst of a global crisis.

Episode 1  |  July 7, 2020

How Comcast is transforming the customer experience

In this episode we talk with Rhona Bradshaw, SVP Consumer Experience Transformation at Comcast Xfinity. She shares an insider view into Comcast’s efforts to transform the customer experience and meet consumers’ evolving needs — even in the middle of a global pandemic.