Which Emoji Best Describes Hero's Culture? #WorldEmojiDay

17 Jul 2018, Sabina Leybold

Hero Digital employees gathering in common area with two emojis and the Hero Digital logo overlay

Emojis have been around in one form or another since 1999. In 2015, an emoji reached the coveted position of Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year. Marketers have been experimenting with the simplistic, animated images for years, and with good reason: 92% of the online population uses emojis at least occasionally and including them in your social posts can increase engagement by up to 57%.

Of course, the genius – and the downfall – of emojis are that they can either enhance or inhibit your message, so you may have to tread lightly when incorporating these images into your campaigns. Smiley faces may be innocuous, but is 👊 meant to be a friendly fist bump or an angry punch?

At Hero you can often find us using emojis on Slack to connect with others coast-to-coast. From a row of soccer balls to entice others to join a World Cup bracket to a doughnut emoji to announce leftovers in the kitchen, we love adding visuals to our communication.

In honor of World Emoji Day today, we’re letting you in on the fun. We asked some Hero team members which emoji they felt best describes our culture. Here are their responses:

Nerd smiley face emoji with glasses and two buck teeth
“We’re all digital nerds in some capacity. Whether you work in Design, Development, Analytics – or something else entirely – you’re here because you have fun playing with technology. Part of what makes us who we are is how devoted we are to creating meaningful digital experiences for our customers, and you have to be at least a little nerdy to do it right!”
– Wally Zielinski, Manager, Front End Engineering

Emoji with two paw prints

“We’re a dog-friendly office, and it’s awesome to have our four legged friends around. Personally, it gives me a quick minute of mind off work when I pet Arthur [a fellow employee’s dog]. I don’t have a dog, but for dog owners it’s an awesome benefit – like a piece of home at work.”
– Anand Angalig, Jr. Web Developer

Emoji of two hands raised in celebration

“We are very collaborative and friendly with one another. Everyone at Hero comes together to create beautiful customer experiences for our brands – which gives us reason to put our hands in the air!”
– Christine Corbitt, Office Manager

“I dance my way through my days – because I enjoy what I do every day.”
– Kristine Stebbins, Managing Director

Emoji of a bomb with a lit fuse

“Our culture is one with lots of energy from our personalities and collaboration, and with results for our clients!”
– Katie Morton, Sr. Account Manager

Emoji with ASL hand sign for "I love you"

“People are passionate about what they do here.”
– Bethany Yeap, Graphic Designer

Emoji of a woman climbing a mountain face“[The rock climber] is all about taking on challenges, determination to accomplish goals, and embracing the unknown. To me, Hero is about pushing ourselves to do our best work, a focus on the goal of client success, and having resolve when unexpected challenges arise.”
– Stuart Coleman, SVP, Strategy & Development

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