Hero Spotlight: Carl Agers, SVP, Marketing Services

16 Dec 2016, Hero Digital

carlaCarl Agers has spent his career learning by doing. “I thought I was going to play football, actually, but after a couple knee surgeries I realized that wouldn’t happen,” he says. “So I got a job delivering computers in downtown Palo Alto.”

Carl + Computers

Carl made himself indispensable to the sales team at that job, and worked his way up in sales and sales management over the next 6 years. Then he took a job in channel sales for a company that was making the first DOS-based handheld. “In my first executive review, I told them we shouldn’t be in channel sales, even thought that was my job,” he says. “But I thought we could really dominate in field-force automation, outfitting police, salespeople, anyone who was working remotely.” The CEO agreed, and Carl had created another position for himself. That job led him into mobile, and he went on to work for Motorola, then Dell, then Motorola again.

Carl + the Internet

In 1997, Carl met the team at an agency in Cupertino called CKS (it later became USWeb), and knew he had to work for them. “They showed me all the things they were doing with this thing called ‘the internet” and I was hooked,” he says. That was 1997. CKS recruited him, and Carl started his Internet career and never looked back, going on to work for a variety of agencies, including ThoughtMatrix and Rauxa, before joining Hero.

Outside the office.

Carl has boy-girl twins that are about to leave for college. His other loves include cars (especially the ’57 Porsche he’s just getting out on the road), music (everything from jazz to rap to rock), and travel (he loved Barcelona on a recent trip and wants to get to Greece some day soon). Carl’s still a big sports nut, too, but prefers college sports these days. “I love that so many collegiate athletes play for the joy of the sport and not just a paycheck,” he says.

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