Hero Spotlight: Interactive Designer Angelo Soriano

14 Nov 2016, Hero Digital


“Live your life like someone’s writing a book about you.” This piece of advice came from one of Angelo Soriano’s drill sergeants—and he’s done a great job following it.

Born in Manila, Angelo immigrated to the U.S. at age nine with his parents, settling in Delano, a small farm town in the Central Valley. His dad worked as a field laborer, his mom as a nurse’s assistant, but their dream for him was that he go to college.

What ultimately paid for Angelo’s college tuition, though, was the army, including 15 months in Iraq. While there, he learned that whatever he put his mind to—it’s done. All that’s left is the time it takes to get there. (See here for more insight on his personality.) When he was ready to go to school, working with the G.I. bill’s cost-of-living allowance, Angelo picked the most expensive ZIP code in California (San Francisco), and being more hands-on than bookish, landed at the Academy of Art, where he studied web design.

While in school, he simultaneously served in the army reserves and interned at Spritz, a new design shop which then offered him a full-time job when he graduated. Soon after, Hero Digital came calling. Sometimes he feels guilty about doing design while his dad’s picking grapes—but to make up for it, he’s helping his parents buy a house. Angelo would list his mom as one of his heroes, has continued to work on his photography skills, and on a slow Saturday morning, might be found sipping coffee while driving down the PCH.

By Nate Davis