Sitecore Customers Discuss Scalability and Personalization

21 Nov 2017, Saleema Fazal

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Last month, as some of you may recall, we, the CMS-Connected team, attended Sitecore’s four-day annual global user event, Sitecore Symposium 2017. While all the attendees were expertly informed of best practices, business use cases, strategies, and trends in digital transformation, we brought back so many insightful stories from some of the most innovative and talented members of the huge enthusiastic Sitecore community. As we already began sharing some of that wisdom with all of you through the exclusive video interviews with Sitecore’s two seasoned executives, Joe Henriques and Ryan Donovan, it is time to continue to share the wisdom from the other side of the table! When we were at the event, we also interviewed many customers and their Sitecore solution partners to provide our audience the 360-degree view of content management implementation projects. Here are some of the customer stories we collected:

Delaware North Scales and Personalizes Websites through A Component-Based Approach

Delaware North manages and provides food and beverage concessions, premium dining, entertainment, lodging, and retail at many large venues and special places. These include sports stadiums, entertainment complexes, national and state parks, airports, and casinos. It is ranked as one of the world’s largest privately held companies by Forbes magazine. At Sitecore Symposium, I had an opportunity to chat with Maria Corrales Director, Digital Marketing at Delaware North Companies and David Kilimnik, Hero Digital CEO.

Before implementing Sitecore, Delaware North, one of the world’s largest hospitality management companies serving national and state parks & resorts, was seeking a digital solution to improve the customer experience of their resort websites. To accomplish this goal, the organization decided to leverage Sitecore’s component-based, content management system, to make sure each website maintained its property’s unique brand, while offering a flexible way to customize and launch new sites as needed.

According to Hero Digital, as a result of the implementation, Delaware North has complete flexibility for updating, expanding, testing and managing content locally, while allowing the larger organization to manage everything within a single CMS platform. As far as marketing initiatives go, Maria indicated that they also utilize Sitecore to deliver personalized experiences online in an effort to drive more foot traffic to their hotels and casinos.

It certainly represents a huge challenge for an organization to manage its content across 60 different websites from various verticals, however, the challenge Delaware North was facing wasn’t only that but also the inability to create a collaborative environment between the local marketing teams and the corporate marketing teams. According to Maria and David, one of the main drives behind their selection of Sitecore’s platform was its capability to meet the needs of the company’s marketing organizations.

Since we were discussing how to address the marketing needs through Sitecore, I wanted to pick David’s brain on the new version of Sitecore’s platform from the marketing capabilities standpoint. He believes “the new version is the right evolution and focus for Sitecore as with this recent upgrade, Sitecore customers will get the basic HTML serving features without having to need advanced customer experience features that they need.” On that note, Maria indicated that the Delaware North team is excited to discover more on the new features powered by machine learning and data insights.

David also stressed what a fully-equipped and easy to implement solution Sitecore is by telling another customer story as an example. He said that they were able to completely redesign new websites for Nerium International, a beauty and skincare company, in less than 6 months as the brand needed a new site, one with unified architecture and e-Commerce capabilities, to deploy sites for their eight international locations.

Want to learn more? See our Delaware North and Nerium International case studies, or contact us to see how we can improve your website’s scalability and personalization.