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Hero Launches Salesforce-AEM Communities Integration

21 Mar 2017, Kevin Lazorik

As Adobe Summit 2017 kicks off today, Hero Digital announces a new offering, integrating Adobe Experience Manager (“AEM”) Communities with Salesforce. The offering provides seamless bi-directional access between customers in a company’s digital community and the organization’s support team in Salesforce.

“This is a high value integration for the customers of Adobe, Salesforce, and Hero Digital,” says Kevin Lazorik, Senior Vice President at Hero Digital. “As brands seek to provide customer support via social channels, it’s critical to have quick response times, thorough followup, and high service levels. This integration allows customers to leverage the power of community to provide social support, and to back it up via robust service from the support organization.”

“As the market adopts Adobe as a community platform, it’s very important for customers to have an accelerator in meeting the robust requirements of a high-volume customer service environment,” says Scott Liewehr of the Digital Clarity Group. “For those choosing Adobe as a front end and Salesforce as their service cloud, this offering will fill an important gap, reduce time to market, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.”

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