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First 90 Days: Productivity Hacks for Marketers

03 Jan 2018, Saleema Fazal

A work table with laptop, phone, notes, and coffee

It’s a new year and I know I’m roaring to get things done! I’ve learned over my career that getting the right set up dialed in for productivity is critical, so I’d like to share 3 productivity tips that can help to make your first 90 days über productive.

1. Give expert projects to the experts.

I know budgets have a lot of impact on this, but I’ve found  that handing out specialized projects to specialists is the way to go. Oftentimes, when organizations keep niche projects in-house (i.e. SEO strategy, content creation), team members spend so much time getting up to speed that it becomes a big productivity drain. My approach is to use my team for the things they are strong in and want to learn more about, and choose partners wisely for other work. Ideally, I choose partners with whom I stick long term so they already know my business and my goals. Onboarding new partners (and negotiating new contracts) over and over can also be a huge productivity drain!

2. Use Google Drive to the fullest.

This one is not new but has definitely enabled huge productivity leaps in my team. Document collaboration, without having to worry about version control, is priceless. Google also offers a lot of canned templates for marketing needs. This Calendar Template can easily transform into an Annual Marketing Calendar by adding a color coded key at the top to represent marketing channels and laying in activities—it is among my favorites. Other great templates exist for content planning (a critical need for all teams).

3. Install browser boosters.

I love bookmarking items in my browser and appreciate that Google can carry over your Chrome bookmarks if you sign in from another computer. I also love browser extensions and find that they significantly reduce time spent on tactical items. I’m a regular user of the Bitly plug in. If you’re a tab-a-holic like I am, Tab Snooze is pretty amazing as it hides unused tabs and quickly resurfaces them when you need them. Hubspot also has a list of more great browser extension options.

What are some of your favorite productivity hacks? Let us know here.