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626 Billion Reasons to Outsource Digital Marketing this Winter

24 Sep 2016, Hero Digital

No surprise here: The amount of money consumers spend during winter holidays is astronomical. According to National Retail Federation (NRF), holiday shoppers threw down a whopping $626.1 billion dollars last year, and not just for toys and iPhones. Twenty-two percent of consumers opted to buy experience gifts last year, and 36.5% put “experience gift” down as what they’d want to receive. Additionally, more people research online for gift ideas and product details before ever stepping foot inside a store. In fact, Salesforce found that eighty-two percent of consumers do this. NRF found this to be true, as well, even more so for Millennials: About 36% of 18 to 34-year-olds planned to give a gift of experience. In other words, the need for effective digital outreach during the holiday months is not solely for retailers, and goes far beyond typical brick-and-mortar marketing.

According to comScore, mobile commerce accounted for roughly 18% of all digital commerce in November/December of 2015. $12.7 billion of that $626.1 billion worth of holiday shopping in 2015 was spent via smart devices, a 59% increase from the year before.

The holiday digital marketing season starts early and involves a lot of preparation. Salesforce has put together a useful pdf calendar with information and suggestions on how to prepare early for your holiday marketing campaign. Many brands have already started organizing their efforts and outsourcing experts in August. With so many consumer dollars up for grabs, a multi-channel, engaging, and relevant strategy grows more valuable by the year.

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