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How To Create Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

27 Jun 2018, Carl Agers

Ipad displaying the step-by-step guide to creating omni-channel customer experiences

The lines between physical and digital interactions with customers have blurred, and your business strategy needs to keep up with both online and offline touchpoints to create seamless experiences.

From augmented reality to voice assistants, emerging technologies have expanded the opportunities for omni-channel customer experiences, and your audience likely expects a blend of analog and automated interactions like the ones they already use daily:

  • Depositing their paycheck on their bank’s mobile app
  • Ordering their morning coffee virtually, then picking it up on their way to work (and earning rewards along the way)
  • Streamlining family vacation with a wristband that serves as their hotel room key, photo storage device, food ordering tool, and FastPass check-in
  • Seeing if that new couch will look good against their living room wall and that lipstick shade will match their smoky eye – before they pull out their credit card

According to the Aberdeen Group, businesses with strong omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers and increase company revenues by an average of 9.5% per year. So creating touchpoints wherever your customers frequent is a no-brainer, right?

Well, not necessarily.

It can be difficult to implement an omni-channel CX strategy, especially with incomplete or inaccessible data, departmental silos, and skeptical executives slowing the path toward progress. The initiative spans the entire organization, and often involves realignment of people, processes, and technology.

We want to make it simpler to create experiences that mix the physical and digital worlds to engage and delight your customers, which is why we’ve just released The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Engaging Omni-Channel Customer Experiences.

The eGuide walks you through the eight steps of creating integrated online-offline customer experiences, starting from segmenting your audience and journey mapping to testing your solution and preparing for wider rollout.

Get the omni-channel CX eGuide now.