Talent Spotlight: Meet Hero’s Manager of Engineering, Jacob Morgan

26 Feb 2018, Emily Meekins

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In this new series, we’ll illuminate open roles by going beyond the bullet points and chatting with Hero team members about new opportunities on their teams. In this edition, we chat with Engineering Manager, Jacob Morgan, about growing the front-end development team.

The Front-End Development team has grown significantly in the last year. How has this part of the team developed over the last year?

Here in San Francisco, we have over a dozen front end developers. At the same time we have been standardizing our front end approach to enable easier, more efficient onboarding across all of our tech stacks. On a month-to-month basis our FEDs may be developing in WordPress, Adobe Experience Manager, React, Drupal, Sitecore, or any number of other development environments. Over the course of the year, you may work on a dozen or more different client projects. All with their own unique needs, tailored to each client’s specific strategy. We are constantly evolving and improving the front-end product as new technologies are introduced and our team brings new ideas to the table.

Can you tell us about what a typical day looks like for a Front-End Web Developer?

You will come into the office, get settled in, help yourself to a coffee or a tea and prep for your daily scrum. After scrum you’ll have some heads down time to get some good honest development done before lunch. For lunch you might join some teammates to grab food in the neighborhood to bring back and eat in the lounge, hopefully followed by some ping pong and banter before work starts again. Personally, after lunch is my most productive time. I try to spend this time coding, but I often have some afternoon meetings with the design department, working closely on the finer points of pixel-perfect web development.

And why would the right person want to join the Front-End Development (FED) team at Hero? What’s in it for them?

We have a rapidly expanding portfolio of high profile projects with award-winning design. You’ll grow your overall front-end chops in our collaborative atmosphere. We all learn from each other as technology grows and new challenges are presented. You will be a cutting edge developer across a wide range of technologies in no time.

How would you describe your management style?

I trust you know what you are doing, but I also love to jump in and help you solve problems, and I love learning from you even more. My primary objective is growing your skills, your portfolio, and collaborating on radical projects together.

Are there any questions a potential candidate should ask themselves before applying for FED at Hero?

This is not a platform building company, you will be working on many projects over the course of the year, drastically different at times. So, you should ask yourself, is this agile environment what you’re looking for?

Define the FED working dynamic in three words or less.

Pixel-perfect, lithe & triumphant.

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