The Employee Experience: Working at Hero Digital

22 Aug 2016, Dave Kilimnik

While we focus each day on the experiences we craft for our clients and their end users, we also come to work each day, which is an experience in itself.

The Hero Digital employee experience, aka “the company culture” is all about foosball tables, bean bag chairs, and keggerators. Because work is a place to hang out during the day, passing the time until we get to either hit the bar with our friends, or battle a purple demon in the next round of Pokemon Go. Plus, Hero has to have an office that is cool enough to keep up with the latest startups like Shmoogle and Shmucktify, so our Velcro Wall Jump is really important.

Are you with me so far? I hope not.

Culture, and the experience of working at a company is critically important. We spend a third or so of our lives in the workplace, and there are too many available options to NOT work at someplace great. While a culture is traditionally defined by values and vision statements, those statements are only true if they match the hard decisions you make in defining a model of doing business.

At Hero Digital we have a business model that is very deliberate. It’s a formula we developed, which defines our target customers, our way of bringing services to market, our delivery methods, and the people we need in order to make it all work. And in that model we have made specific choices.

  1. We choose craftsmanship over salesmanship. We believe that a business led by experienced digital practitioners creates the most value for our customers. We have chosen to build a business based on the quality of our delivery and the craft of our work—and not the need to meet revenue quotas. We don’t have sales people that hand work off to the delivery folks. We have one team, and they focus on the customer.
  2. We choose to work in multi-disciplinary teams. Hero was born to do Customer Experience work for today’s brands. The work is complicated—meeting a business goal means the imagination, design, development, and measurement of a living digital product. In order to build what we design, and measure what we build, we have to work together.
  3. We come to work. We believe that teams work best in person. The most sophisticated remote collaboration technology has yet to match the effectiveness of a group of people working together to solve problems. Our workplaces are where we can be at our best—working together—diagramming, prototyping, debating, contemplating, and crafting.
  4. We love the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It’s about building something that didn’t exist before, stretching your own professional skills, being accountable for an outcome, and reaping the rewards for your own success. These traits are valued at every level of the company.

Hero culture is defined by the people who have chosen to work in this way. We have a way of doing business, and a way of working together. It’s a deliberate formula that we believe creates great outcomes for customers, and the best kind of employee experience we can imagine. And by the way we do have really cool offices. We don’t have any keggerators yet… but in the SF office we have a really nice liquor cart full of craft bourbon, and we start passing out cocktails at around 3 PM every Friday. And, there was a spontaneous hula-hooping contest at the last all hands meeting…not kidding!

If working at Hero Digital sounds like an experience for you, check out our open positions. We would love to meet you.

David Kilimnik is the CEO of Hero Digital