Marketing & CX Strategy

The Future of the Experience Business, with Adobe and Forrester

15 Sep 2016, Hero Digital

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Adobe and Forrester’s recent webinar, presented by Adam Justis, Director of Product Marketing at Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst at Forrester, detailed the modern-day approach to business experience, the requirements for leadership and the future of digital marketing. Following are some highlights:

The customer, the experience and delighting at every turn

An emphasis was placed on the importance of showing that you know the customer – in other words, don’t make the customer introduce themselves over and over. But, and this is a big but, companies need to leverage their customers’ information with appropriate concerns for privacy. This balance can be tricky which is why expertise in this area is essential. Beyond knowing the customer, a brand’s ability to speak in one voice, across channels and departments, will make the customer feel more comfortable with engagement.

Experience must be engaging above all else. Justis suggested looking with a critical eye at experience and technology, to make sure the customer is delighted and that technology is used with a clear purpose. Skip those unnecessary apps (they cause frustration for the consumer) and keep the delivery of the experience useful.

Transparent, purposeful and fluid

Real-time management is crucial to the success of a strategy. Warner recommends that companies use their tech to empower the people on the front lines – specifically those who are customer-facing. Give them the tech that enables in-person interaction to function as well as online interaction, thus reinforcing the brand’s singular voice.

The main takeaways from Forrester’s portion of the webinar was the need for cross-departmental unity in efforts, the importance of proper tools for implementing a strategy, and the need to assess your own readiness in these respects. Auditing your business in this way is preemptive and a smart move – don’t wait to get disrupted before you eventually do something about it.