UX & Design

Designing for Sitecore

27 Sep 2016, Tony Glorioso

Designers working on Sitecore craft better experiences when they embrace the platform. Sitecore’s capabilities enable advanced personalization, responsive design that’s framed by human context, and the establishment of a simple, component-based design system.

When most designers kick off a new visual design project, they don’t think about the underlying technology platform. At Hero Digital, we believe that design and technology are inseparable, and that the best customer experiences are crafted when these disciplines are considered together from day one.

There are a few key things designers working on the Sitecore platform should keep in mind to ensure that they take advantage of everything the platform has to offer. Those include understanding that responsive design is about more than just devices; working with your content team to take advantage of Sitecore’s unique personalization and A/B testing functionality; and designing with Sitecore’s component-based architecture in mind.

We’ve detailed all three in a new whitepaper released at Sitecore Symposium today, but here are three quick tips for designers looking to optimize their work on the Sitecore platform:

  1. Design for reusable components. Sitecore runs completely on components, and the more modularized the design is, the better it will work within Sitecore. Ideally the design will be handed to the development team as a list of customizable components that need to be built with various options for each.
  2. Design for personalization. Sitecore sits atop an industry-leading personalization engine, but it rarely gets utilized fully because design doesn’t plan for it. Don’t create a static design! Instead, design from the very beginning for how a site can be personalized for each user.
  3. Design for the marketing strategy. Sitecore has the ability to track how every user is engaging with the system, which means that considering the marketing strategy and engagement plans as part of the design sets us up for success through optimization.