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2018 Customer Experience Trends: Our Predictions

18 Dec 2017, Saleema Fazal

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We interviewed experts across Hero Digital for their predictions into how customer experience will continue to evolve in 2018. From data management, to artificial intelligence, to bridging the online-offline customer experience gap, our experts share the trends they’re most excited about.


“As artificial intelligence and marketing data platforms mature, B2B marketers will develop more advanced Account Based Marketing (ABM) programs. ABM grow from a ‘test and learn’ concept to an integral part of marketing and sales operations. ABM will continue to evolve in marketing and sales departments providing more actionable and measurable insights bi-directionally.”

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“We’ll see a greater prevalence of BOPS (Buy Online, Pickup in Store) options from both retailers and direct-to-consumer brands. There will be greater parity between in-store and online rewards programs and discounts, which are currently very difficult to execute — and we’ll see a far greater number of brands promoting in-store services via their digital channels.”

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“It will be a great year for retailers and brands who embrace a holistic approach to customer experience and build direct relationships with their customers. Others will keep struggling. We’ll see more traditional stores closing to make room for brick-and-mortar expansion of digitally-native brands — and we’ll witness more consolidation among the Ecommerce and customer experience vendors.”

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“This will be the year that marketers start to get out of the implementation business and back in the business of marketing and activating personalization on their modern, slick ‘Experience Platforms.’  Many marketers have been caught up in multiple years of implementing their digital ecosystem, but not actually activating their digital ecosystem to drive personalization to meet their overall marketing goals and business strategies. The glass-half-full view says that marketers will push their teams to get out of the business of implementing and back to the business of sophisticated, personalized marketing!”

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“Online will trend towards selling repeat and known purchases, e.g. ‘I want another pair of jeans in that size,’ or ‘I want that particular book,” etc. Offline will trend more towards discovery and curated collections (gift shopping, browsing, and unique purchases). The tricky part will be ensuring the in-person experience translates into a sale for the company facilitating the discovery (something we’re already seeing with blogs through Amazon affiliates). I hope to see mobile help overcome this challenge — allowing brands to attribute purchases to users who discover new products offline and then purchase them online later at their leisure.”

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