Marketing & CX Strategy

Ascend2 Survey on Content Marketing Highlights Benefits of Outsourcing to Experts

17 Jul 2016, Hero Digital

With more and more companies placing a priority on content marketing, the need for meaningful strategy implementation has never been more important. In the findings of a survey put forth by Ascend2, a research group that provides marketing data to professionals, the consensus is that lead generation and better customer engagement are directly linked to a content marketing strategy.

Overall, 66 percent of companies surveyed consider their content marketing successful, but found it to be time-consuming for those in-house, especially for the variety of content production needed to stay competitive. Most of the companies in the study – seventy-eight percent – outsource all or part of their content, and the biggest reasons for that were the need for an outside skillset. In addition, the study showed that no formal strategy, or a general lack of resources to implement one at all, was a barrier for some.

Making decisions on how to approach content marketing relies on a realistic assessments of in-house capabilities. Even though some forms of content can be created with relative ease, others require a significant amount of resources, planning, and time. Hero Digital helps companies to assess their needs and create a strategy, and then, perhaps more importantly, measure the impact of that strategy and content, and fine-tune it to driver better and better results over time. Ascend2 called a lack of strategy and implementation plan the “top obstacle to content marketing success” and we agree, although we’d add that a large number of content marketing strategies fail because they end at the initial implementation and fail to allot time and resources to measuring and optimizing the strategy.