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What's Your Adobe Experience Cloud ROI?

12 Jun 2018, Tony Rems

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The Adobe Experience Cloud offers a powerful set of tools to design and deliver connected experiences across the customer journey. But the product set and how to best use each tool to get maximum ROI can often be lost. We recently surveyed Adobe Experience Cloud users across industries in the United States to get a view into how they are and are not using Adobe Experience Cloud products to shed light on how organizations could be getting more value out of their Adobe investment.

Interesting findings include:

  • A majority of users feel like there is value to using the full Experience Cloud set of products rather than using one-off point solutions, but aren’t using the full suite at this time.
  • 77% of users are using personalization efforts in their marketing, with varying degrees of sophistication.
  • 30% of users say the biggest limitation to not getting full value from their investment is due to resource / time constraints.

You can find more of our findings in the infographic below or download the PDF.

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Adobe Experience Cloud study results infographic