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Adobe's Content Report: Key Takeaways from 12,000 Customers

10 Jul 2016, Hero Digital

Marketers have been talking about personalization and the magic of customer experiences for a while now, but customers rarely actually have a voice in that discussion.
Last month, Adobe released a report with feedback from over 12,000 consumers about device usage, what they like to experience online, and how they view the companies that provide content. The extensive report reveals that consumers appreciate authentic, honest content and personalized, aesthetically pleasing experiences. No surprise there.

Adobe also found most respondents to be highly discerning with what they choose to engage with online. Again, not earth-shattering news. With the widespread and seemingly endless flow of information and content, all generations of consumers have become more and more selective, but nonetheless more active on multiple devices at once. The necessity for gorgeous design and relevant content has never been more important for brands. The big take-aways for us in this report center around how people consume content and what customers think about personalization these days.

Multi-device/multi-screen consumer engagement

If there was any doubt about this, the Adobe report puts it to rest: consumers don’t solely engage online with one device. In fact, 83 percent reported using a laptop computer and a phone simultaneously, often posting or researching online while watching TV, or creating their own multiscreen pairings to fit their desired experience. Sixty-three percent work on a laptop while watching TV or streaming content. Over one third of consumers polled shop online after watching a commercial.
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Analyzing your own strategy to see how it measures up to this concept, and mapping customer journeys across devices is important.

Personalized content for a multi-generational audience

Personalized content is perceived differently by various generations. Previously, there was a reluctance from all consumers to embrace personalization, with many viewing it as too invasive. However, attitudes have changed and the desire for personalization has grown in many instances, with a premium placed on honesty and relevance. Data-driven personalization is great for customer retention as it increases loyalty. Note: Millennials embrace personalization more than older generations, and utilize their phones as their primary screen for consuming content, whereas laptop and desktop computers are the preferred devices for anyone over the age of 37. This is important to take into consideration when thinking through your content strategy.

Just be authentic! And beautiful.

In addition, honesty and authenticity play a big role in both courting older generations and appealing to youth. Part of creating exceptional content is, of course, the visual component. Adobe found that fifty-nine percent of global consumers will spend time with beautifully designed content, prioritizing it even over simplicity of use.