Reducing CX Friction with Content

Friction is anything that prevents people from accomplishing a desired action.

Today’s consumers expect brands to provide seamless digital experiences that allow them to accomplish their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Anything that causes friction or slows them down can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Friction is what keeps people from signing up for your SaaS platform. Friction is what makes people abandon their shopping cart without making a purchase. Friction is what keeps your customers from fully utilizing that killer new feature you just shipped. But when it comes to figuring out ways to reduce friction, design, and product teams often focus solely on UI and functionality changes.

Personalization Sequence Diagram

But the true secret weapon for helping people overcome friction?


The concept of friction is relatively simple: anything that prevents people from accomplishing a desired action—whether that’s checking their bank balance on their smartphone or booking a trip around the world. The challenge is how to identify the cause (or causes) of the friction so you can start working on solutions.

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