Manufacturing Customer Obsession

Test-and-learn strategies for meeting customer needs

Hero Digital is proud to publish our Manufacturing Customer Obsession Report. This executive report helps manufacturing business leaders use test-and-learn strategies to discover the needs of the people they serve.

Everyone wants to know what customers want. In the digital age, the dictum has turned its head: customers expect that you know what they want, and can deliver it to them seamlessly.

Manufacturers face this challenge with added complexity. In manufacturing, there are multiple personas to address when creating digital experiences. And the truth is most B2B manufacturers lack visibility into their end customers.

Because the costs of missteps are stratospheric, manufacturing business leaders must examine the human needs driving change—and place customers at the center of their business strategy. First-party customer data helps manufacturers understand buying trends, test new products, and control inventory, ultimately influencing product investments and adding value for B2B buyers.

In this environment, only customer-obsessed companies can thrive. Manufacturers with a digital footprint, who have begun to collect first-party data, have the opportunity to embrace dynamic test-and-learn strategies and accelerate their customer focus.

While there isn’t a magic customer-obsession switch, there are strategies to set you on the path to success. These tried-and-true approaches ensure your organization moves from a product orientation toward customer obsession.

Customer-obsessed companies use test-and-learn ecosystems to uncover truths about what customers truly desire. In the age of AI and ML-based tools, every touchpoint is an occasion for testing, and every employee is a purveyor of data insights. Likewise, every process and decision, save the most strategic ones, must pass the touchstone of testing. 

To succeed, you must collect the right feedback, prepare to “fail” on the path to discovery, and pivot when necessary. All this must be done at scale. 

Read this report to discover tangible strategies for accelerating your customer focus, creating bullet-proof value for those you serve, and building test-and-learn systems everywhere in your company.

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