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AEM Mobile: First look

Adobe has built its Marketing Cloud with a focus on managing customer experiences across customer touchpoints, but, outside of responsive design, Mobile has remained a gap even as the need for better-integrated mobile solutions continues to grow. Adobe made a move to address this need with the acquisition of PhoneGap, which has now been integrated into AEM, along with integrated authoring and management, to create AEM Mobile.

AEM Mobile is transforming the way enterprises think about unifying their Customer Experiences. Responsive design is a powerful tool, but mobile apps are a critical part of the CXM ecosystem.

AEM Mobile enables the creation of cross-platform mobile apps for both iOS and Android with limited coding required. When combined with mobile template and content authoring in AEM, marketers can keep content and features up to date without going through an app update, making AEM Mobile a powerful solution for enterprises.

The following are some key capabilities of AEM Mobile:

  • Use AEM to create app content – The AEM components and templates that are familiar to your marketers can be leveraged to create content for your mobile apps. AEM Assets manages and delivers assets directly to the app. Enterprise and third-party data about your customers and products can be integrated through workflows to create personalized experiences. You can create B2B apps to leverage product information directly from enterprise catalogs of PIMs.
  • Measure and optimize with Adobe Marketing Cloud – App usage and feedback can be captured with Adobe Marketing Cloud products like Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Just like you would measure your users’ experiences on a website with Adobe Analytics, you can do the same on AEM Mobile through the Analytics SDK. This data can be used to optimize experiences and create contextual and relevant content with Adobe Target.
  • Manage all apps through a central interface – New and existing apps whether they are native or hybrid are managed through AEM Mobile. A centralized dashboard lets you control deployments of content and app notifications. Content can be delivered over the air without having to update the app through the app store.
  • Quickly build feature rich apps – AEM Mobile introduces a new mobile design tool to quickly design and make changes for all of the different screen sizes. This can greatly reduce the time it takes to make a change and introduce the app to the market. Apache Cordova enables native app features and allows apps to be easily created for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.