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High Tech

Stop selling tech. Start talking about customer experiences.

Building trust with a tech buyer doesn’t start with the product – it starts with the buying experience. And buyers are increasingly bypassing sales reps and other traditional avenues.

So, how do you effectively communicate the power of tech – and move buyers from consideration to purchase?

  • Resist the internal desire to talk exclusively about tech features. Instead, focus on the end customer benefits.

  • Identify the most impactful points of differentiation – and communicate them honestly. Tech buyers don’t want romance; they want solutions that’ll make their lives easier.

  • Respect your customers' need to be well-informed, and understand the specific challenges they’re facing – whether it’s a need for speed, efficiency, or cost reduction.

  • Supply fresh, high-quality content to keep buyers engaged and learning, and build campaigns that interpret and react to nuanced buying signals.

  • Facilitate reassurance. Most tech buyers will tap their professional networks for counsel on high-cost purchases. For lower-risk purchases, they’ll comb technology review sites.

Man standing in server room with tablet

Image credit: seventyfourimages, Envato Elements

We’ve worked with some of the largest tech companies in the world – including Salesforce, Oracle, and Symantec – creating seamless customer-centric experiences that resonate, differentiate, and, above all, help them win more lifelong customers.
"The technology brands of the future will lead with empathy – not speeds and feeds. They’ll focus their narrative to simplify a purchase decision that is often stymied by technical details."
Brian Maschler
Executive Creative Director

Truth is the customer reality.
Beauty is in the brand response.