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COVID-19 is resetting what people value. What will be our new reality?

The COVID-19 pandemic hit our lives gradually, then suddenly. Our daily routines and rituals have been upended in the process.

New habits are forming as people change how they connect with family and friends, how they manage their health, and how they spend their time and money.

Shifts in mindset and behavior happening now will have a lasting impact on the world, but it is unclear which new habits will stick and which are fleeting as waves of “the next normal” kick in.

In an attempt to better understand this phenomenon, the Strategy team at Hero Digital began a consumer and business impact study earlier in the crisis, tracking how a representative cross section of the U.S. population is responding to the ongoing situation.

Some of the major themes we are investigating:

Accelerating digital transformation

Meeting customers where they need you

Prioritizing agility and business innovation

As we progress through the pandemic and economic downturn, we will update our study findings weekly and track changes over time. We invite you to reflect on these findings to better understand — and predict — how this will forever change the world. Hero Digital is providing free access to our research and industry points of view on the coronavirus crisis impact.

Finding consumer truths in a global pandemic

Insights from Hero Digital's COVID-19 Consumer Pulse Survey


Updated April 30, 2020

Consumer pulse survey results

Results from 1,008 people surveyed between March 23-25, 2020, and 1,001 people surveyed between April 6-8, 2020


Analyze by:   Generation  |  Urbanicity

The team leading the charge

Sarah Ohle
Sr. Dir., Strategy & Insights

Gianna Giancarlo
VP, Experience Strategy

Owen Frivold
EVP, Strategy

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