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B2B customer experience is being reinvented.

Customer experience has become the center of gravity for CMOs in high-consideration B2B environments.

Companies that thrive will create a deeper understanding of customer needs and a greater ability to adapt to industry changes. But how do marketing leaders develop these organizational strengths?

  • The vast majority of B2B tools and solutions are focused at the top of the funnel — new lead generation. It’s time for CMOs to start applying ABM to their current customers.

  • Align marketing and sales planning to help you better spot customer needs, package relevant solutions, and intercept buyers in the right selling moments.

  • Digitally enable field sales with content and tools to help them reach more target accounts and fuel relevant sales conversations in a post-crisis world.

  • Designing "a customer experience" seems like one thing vs. a whole spectrum of experiences.

Photo credit: Marcus Aurelius, Pexels

Hero is an award-winning B2B CX and marketing services agency recognized by Forrester as a strong fit for B2B CMOs. Our clients include Oracle, Comcast Business, TD Ameritrade, Global Payments, Amerigas, Aramark, and Symantec.
"The successful transformation of the B2B customer experience requires the alignment and collaboration of multiple functions, the simplification of corporate structures, and a new cultural mindset. Putting the customer at the center means that product, marketing, sales, and engineering, need to work upstream together to design for customers’ needs."
Rob Solomon
SVP Strategy

Truth is the customer reality.
Beauty is in the brand response.