Whether they’re browsing physical goods in a store, scanning images on a website, or scrolling through items on their phone, customers aren’t interacting with a single channel, they’re interacting with your brand.

They don’t differentiate between the mobile experience or the in-store experience, and neither should you. To woo the notoriously fickle “Instagram consumer” you need to deliver best-of-breed customer experiences that will wow them and keep them coming back. And sometimes that even means mixing channels, bringing digital tools in-store and an in-store type experience to digital platforms. Today’s retail customers aren’t easy to please, but the good news is that technology can be incredibly helpful in finding, impressing, and keeping them.

Hero Digital works with retail brands across a variety of categories to build a deep understanding of their customers and what they want out of their brand experience, irrespective of channel. Then we build and execute a strategy that delivers not only a delightful experience across touchpoints, but also a process for measuring and continuously optimizing that experience over time.


  • Customer Churn
  • Average Customer Spend
  • Average Order Amount
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Revenue on Advertising Spend
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Sales Per Square Foot
  • Cost Per Customer Acquired
  • Sell-Through Rate
  • Stock Turnover Rate


  • CX Strategy
  • Products + Experiences
  • Technology Platforms
  • Data + Insights
  • Digital Marketing