Developing customer
experiences that work


Engineering excellence has been a hallmark of Hero Digital since our inception. Digital customer experiences today must be designed to delight and convert, and then engineered for performance, scalability, and for ease of administration, authoring, and maintenance. We have built an engineering team with advanced architecture and engineering skills on our partner platforms, and on all major programming platforms that are important to the digital industry today.

Technology Consulting

Our technology team works strategically with customers to select technologies, ecommerce platforms, and content management systems, devise enterprise-wide architectures, and craft technology roadmaps.

Platform Specialists

Our leaders have decades of experience in architecting systems on our partner platforms. Deeper experience leads to better implementations, lower TCO, and allows customers to focus on business value over worrying about systems.

Full Stack Development

Our engineering team works up and down the stack. While we have specialists who are ninjas on the latest JS frameworks, and enterprise architects with 30+ years of integration experience, we focus on a fusion of front and back-end skills that drives massive efficiency for our clients.

Lean and Agile

Our team works via an agile methodology, which creates a high velocity of output as well as very high weekly visibility of our progress and deliverables.


  • CMS Platforms
  • Analytics and Targeting Platforms
  • Digital Asset Management Platforms
  • Community Platforms
  • eCommerce Platforms
  • Marketing Automation Platforms

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