Search Engine Optimization

Keyword: Capturing audiences on their terms

Successful SEO is the result of winning content and context marketing. Hero Digital has developed an SEO approach designed to ensure lasting results in organic search by creating content strategies that capture users with relevant content across their journey. Because effective content cannot exist without a data-based SEO strategy, we start with a comprehensive SEO audit. That in-depth research and analysis serves as the foundation for an effective content creation and optimization strategy, based on user intents, needs, and behaviors, as well as business opportunities.

Research & Competitive Analysis

We conduct a brand-wide SEO analysis, including evaluation of the accuracy and quality of a variety of content elements, ranging from keywords to page title length to inbound link efficiency and much more. We also create a baseline SEO against which future improvements can be measured.Then we analyze competitors (typically three) and provide details on which brands rank highest for target keywords, who has the highest-performing links and what a client should be doing to close the gap.

Keyword Research

The accurate identification and careful selection of keywords and key phrases can make or break any digital experience. Hero Digital leaves clients with a list of targeted keywords that offer the highest value, including the least competition and the highest overall traffic opportunity. Our approach includes determining the key objectives of the high-value searchers for our clients, and developing a search and keyword approach to drive them to answers and information they seek.

Search Marketing Alignment

Ensuring the alignment of your SEO and SEM campaigns is an important step toward increasing the value of both efforts. Studies have shown that organic search and paid search displayed together provide a 22% conversion rate lift over search alone. Users are more likely to perceive a brand as a “real player” in their industry if they see high-performing search results along with the investment in paid advertisements.

Content Strategy Alignment

Contemporary SEO is not only inseparable from effective content strategy, the two should be considered completely intertwined. Organizations must take a holistic, strategic approach by integrating content strategy and SEO to ensure topics match users’ intent on search engines. “Intent-centric” behaviors require cohesive work between content strategy and SEO where you create audience-focused content to meet the needs of your target audiences.


Search engine optimization is not a do-it-once activity. To ensure an organization continues to rank high for the terms people search on as well as support new content, Hero Digital generates reports to provide keyword rankings, link analysis and on-page analysis. SEO recommendations document detailed tactics to maintain or improve rankings.