Which is the second screen?

Mobile experiences are critical for every brand, particularly as digital natives come into their prime years of purchasing power. While there is an inevitability of mobile as a primary customer experience channel, its use is different for every brand. “Multi-screening” is not going away and even customers who live a mobile lifestyle will switch. For example…editing photos just works better on a laptop than a phone due to the increased real estate. And while running errands, a phone is more convenient than a tablet. As each brand moves toward mobile being a primary customer experience channel, we like to look at usage for the brand’s user base, to determine which screens are used in which contexts, and which device types will be embraced as the first, second, and third screens.


  • Mobile Strategy
  • Analytics and Measurement
  • Mobile Channel Alignment Strategy
  • UX and Visual design
  • Technology Selection
  • Product Development
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Ongoing Insights and Optimization

How mobile fits into customer experience

Responsive design, mobile-first design, native apps–whatever your mobile needs are, we start with context. Mobile design is about more than devices, it’s about how you’re interacting with your customers throughout their day. We do extensive research, develop personas and customer journeys, and test our theories with prototypes across devices to ensure that your customer experiences are always relevant and impactful.

Multi-screen Strategy & Design

As part of our CX strategy offering and then continuing on with our design process, we work to understand the use of mobile to drive desired behaviors such as engagement and purchasing. All of our strategy and design efforts including a prototyping effort so that we can “show” our work and provide the
opportunity to engage and interact before a final product is approved to move forward. 

Responsive Web

While responsive web is table stakes for websites today, its importance is paramount. Mobile traffic is higher than ever which means that conversion via mobile devices has a material affect on every business. Furthermore, Google has continued to increase the strength of the “mobile friendly” ranking signal, making responsive design critical for content marketers. We help ensure that content presents well on tablets and phones. Single finger navigation, legibility, and the “no-pinch, no-zoom” rule are essentials to every Hero Digital delivery.

Mobile Apps

90% of time on devices is spent within Apps, and a great user experience is now a baseline expectation for your users. Apps can extend a brand across the entire lifecycle – from attraction to conversion to core utility. We work with our customers to develop apps on both Native and Hybrid platforms, in order to build a mobile experience that delights the user and also delivers the desired business result.