Financial Services

Banking on customer relationships

Few industries are going through such significant and rapid transformation as financial services. The arrival of the FinTech upstarts, disintermediation, the Millennial mindset, the impact of blockchain, and mobile-first customers have all captured the industry’s attention as centuries-old business models are being fundamentally challenged. At the same time, the regulatory framework requires the same commitments to security and privacy that have always been expected of the financial sector. Customer experience is central to the industry’s evolution. Financial services industry executives now understand that they must differentiate their organizations via customer experience across physical and digital channels to improve customer retention and preserve market share before attempting to lead with digital as a strategic tool for growth.
Hero Digital’s team has consulted with banks, insurance companies, investment management companies, transaction processors, and credit unions around the world, helping them to better understand their customers and implement effective multi-channel marketing strategies.


  • Customer Churn
  • Customer Recency
  • Remote Check Deposit Usage
  • Cost Per Customer Acquired
  • Average Assets Acquired
  • Number of Products per Household
  • Application Start / Completion Ratio