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Bringing content to the customer, wherever they experience your brand

While customers now view online shopping and purchasing as a given, simple eCommerce experiences like online product catalogs and shopping carts are no longer enough. Today’s best brands support the customer journey and drive buying behavior with high-quality customer touchpoints. Websites, mobile apps, kiosks, and touch screens characterize the future buying environment – and brands can now use technologies such as AR, beaconing, and rich media in order to make the buyer journey both immersive and personal.


  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Analytics and Measurement
  • eComm Channel Alignment Strategy
  • UX and Visual design
  • Technology Selection
  • Product Development
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Ongoing Insights and Optimization

Our Solution

At Hero, we are fanatical about building great customer experiences. We address the opportunity from end-to-end — helping to guide strategy, design, technology, execution, and measurement. We focus on getting the right infrastructure in place for easy edits to the customer journey and purchase cycle, while minimizing the technical debt that can come from maintaining commerce and content management systems side-by-side.

Crafting the Experience

We have built a practice around Experience-driven Commerce that we believe takes advantage of the best capabilities of the key technologies in the marketplace. Giving authors the ability to drag-and-drop components, content and e-commerce elements onto a page and craft experiences that drive transactions.

Engineering Partnerships

Our philosophy is to focus design and build the experience layer on a single platform. An experience system should own all the customer interaction, and the eCommerce engine should live a layer down so that a single system can “own the glass.”


Extending Across Channels

E-commerce today goes far beyond the website. Mobile experiences, in-store screens and kiosks, and voice-driven purchasing are all critical purchasing channels for today’s leading brands. Across these touchpoints, we craft embed the nuts-and-bolts transactions that businesses need with the purchase experiences customers love.