Combining UX and visual
design for hero moments

Building the Hero Moment

Companies should own their brands across channels, creating a connection with their customers, and delivering memorable Hero Moments. Creating those ideal customer experience moments requires a mix of viewpoints and skills. Where most design agencies choose to separate the capabilities of UX, interaction, service, and visual design into their own silos, at Hero Digital we build integrated teams of experts with diverse design skill sets, across brand strategy, user experience, graphic design, and interaction design. Our collaborative approach generates unique ideas, inspires team members, and creates measurable value for our clients and their customers.

Context Is Everything

When we approach a new project, we focus on pinpointing a core set of user interactions across customer touchpoints. We design with UX and UI prototypes rather than static design comps because we want to work from real models of the ideal customer experience–what we call the “Hero Moment”. Designing from user flows alone tends to miss important context – what tasks a user takes across digital devices, where the user is doing these things, who they’re with, what time of day it is, or what is motivating their action. By adding this context and focusing on identifying these Hero Moments, we better understand what will drive engagement throughout the entirety of the designed customer experience.

We are built for innovation and problem-solving

Hero Digital’s design capabilities span from design research and strategy, to service design, user experience, interaction, and visual design. We’ve built retail experiences, mobile apps, enterprise software, e-commerce, and websites.

Our integrated team-based model fosters individuals’ ability to solve problems and share ideas, drives interpersonal communication and collaboration, and builds a more integrated delivery model.

Brand Strategy +
Graphic Design

UX +
Service Design

Visual +
Interaction Design

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