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What’s good for people is good for business.

Humans have always pursued experiences of Truth & Beauty. The path to brand growth is creating genuine connections with others and moments when everything perfectly aligns.

Hero Digital invites you to join the Truth & Beauty Network — an alliance of leading voices, mavericks, and entrepreneurs with a similar worldview: marketing can impact lives for the better. It’s a mission worthy of us all.

Kenneth Parks, Hero Digital CMO, announced the formation of The Truth and Beauty Network which will operate as a sort of think tank for brands to earn this displaced trust of consumers by better serving them and creating experiences to match what they crave.
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Network benefits

Join a network of members who have a similar worldview — across brands, technology companies, industry analysts, media — and gain access to exclusive benefits, including:

  1. Exclusive network access and collaboration
  2. Published editorial thought leadership opportunities
  3. Speaking moments at Truth & Beauty events
  4. Access and early registration to Truth & Beauty and industry events
  5. Direct connection to Hero CX experts
Hero Digital’s new alliance is a great example of how a partner can leverage Adobe’s market-leading technology to help deliver integrated, connected and impactful experiences for clients. We look forward to collaborating with Hero as inaugural members of The Truth & Beauty Network.
Tony Sanders Sr. Director, Americas Partner Sales


Most Contagious

January 29, 2020 | NYC

Most Contagious is an invite-only flagship moment from creative and strategic intelligence service, Contagious, that gathers an audience of forward-thinking brand and agency marketers. Hero’s CMO, Kenneth Parks, will take the stage to deliver a keynote, “The Truth & Beauty Economy.”

Adobe Summit

March 29 - April 2, 2020 | Las Vegas

Brands must transform their customer experience approach and place their customers at the center of their business. Join Hero CMO Kenneth Parks, along with Rhona Bradshaw, SVP Consumer Experience Transformation at Comcast, for their talk on “Using Experiences of Truth and Beauty to Drive Growth (and Good).”

News and perspectives

Watch: “The Truth & Beauty Economy,” Kenneth Parks Keynote at Most Contagious

Kenneth Parks of Hero Digital shares how brands must put customers at the heart of their businesses to win trust and achieve growth in a Truth & Beauty Economy.

Recapping: Most Contagious 2020

At the Altman Building in New York City, over 500 creatives, strategists, and technologists bumped elbows as they squeezed into tiny, black folding chairs to hear about the vital trends, strategies, and executions underpinning last year’s world-class campaigns.

Hero Digital Forms “The Truth & Beauty Network” to Help Brands Grow by Delivering Purposeful Customer Experiences

Hero announced the formation of The Truth & Beauty Network, an alliance of leading voices, mavericks, and entrepreneurs, made up of brand marketers, publishers, and technology partners with a similar worldview: what’s good for people, is good for business.