RESEARCH REPORT The Future of Healthcare

Preparing for Healthcare’s Next Act: A guide to shaping the customer experience

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Healthcare feels like it’s been on the verge of transformation for years, if not decades. But in a matter of months, the pandemic broke down long standing barriers and accelerated digital health at a pace few could have imagined.

The future of care is not just convenient and virtual-first, but designed around the customers' needs. Download our latest special report for a deep dive into three macro-trends powering this movement — plus actionable steps and tools for getting started with a reimagined customer experience.

25 million people are more likely to switch providers now than pre-COVID.

Consumers want a multi-touch, digitally-enabled experience and they’re willing to shop for it.

27% of people surveyed have tried telehealth for the first time during the pandemic.

Those who are managing a chronic condition were more eager to embrace and see value in the new technology.

74% of first-time telehealth users saying they’re willing to share genetic information and data.

Healthcare is moving toward a consumer-centered model where people can shop for care and share data with an endless array of apps and services.

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