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Unlock digital transformation by discovering what matters to today’s consumers.

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Successful digital transformation outcomes come from making the right choices for your business based on what matters most to your customers.

The Consumer Goods Truth & Beauty Index highlights what drives both brand choice and customer advocacy, illuminating key takeaways from four generations—Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer—and three industry sub-sectors—Grocery, Apparel, and Mass Merchandise.

Each generation and industry has unique customer experience priorities, defined by what consumers say is important when choosing a brand and what they feel is important when recommending a brand.

This next generation customer experience report analyzes what matters most to today’s consumers and the strategies industry leaders should prioritize to accelerate digital transformation.

Consumer Goods CX Index

Gen Z consumers value quality products, reasonable prices, and a style that speaks to them.

Millennials value easy shopping experiences, outstanding customer service, and relevant product selection.

Gen X consumers value trust and in-person interactions.

Boomers value continual improvement and a solid selection of unique products.

We distill the simple truth to create a beautiful future.

Hero Digital is a leading independent digital transformation company born in California at the intersection of business, design, and technology. Our purpose is to distill the simple truth to create a beautiful future — a customer experience future that is good for people and business. Hero Digital’s holistic process and integrated methods help leading brands like Comcast, Twitter, U.S. Bank, Salesforce, Sephora, Jefferson Health, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and TD Ameritrade Institutional achieve growth.