AEM Communities
& Salesforce

Salesforce Power with Adobe Experience

Adobe AEM Communities allows organizations to better support and engage their customers. Hero Digital’s AEM Communities – Salesforce Connector empowers enterprises to achieve quick response times and high service levels by combining the power of Salesforce Service Cloud with the experience capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager. The combined experience delivers peer-to-peer social support alongside direct engagement with the enterprise support team.

How it works

The AEM Communities – Salesforce integration establishes a secure connection between AEM and the Salesforce Service Cloud. Users can escalate questions to a Salesforce case where your support team can track and work them. All future activity in the community and Salesforce are kept in sync between both platforms leaving your support team to continue working in Service Cloud while your customers engage on the community.


The Connector is an accelerator for your organization to choose how you use the community to best engage your customers. You can identify the scenarios where community content needs to be escalated to Salesforce for a higher priority response.

Bidirectional Communication

Rule & Profile Based Escalation

Workflow Synchronization

SLA Compliance